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Mother Nature was once a beginner...

Like it was nothing less than the perfect dream,

Laughing away at the breeze.

Warmth and worriless, 

Whispered in the wind...

A cold still held her breath in the bewildering shine, 

Shadows fading,

Soaking her face in a bathing light,

Across a seemingly empty meadow arose the transic bright.

In lustrous aw,

Immobilized not by fear,

Fortified within herself,

Enchanted through curiosity...

There is an end in sight,

Thats not why she's here. 

Over the mountains and across the sea,

Omitting the pain that once seemed to be...

No longer running away from life,

A handful of minutes plenty of time.

Inhaling the salty front and exhaling defeat,

Its not her destiny she sought after the entire climb...

The leaves danced and the trees swayed,

She began to listen and feel the day.

To seek out this beauty in life,

To enjoy without plight... 

She had to wonder,

At one point or another...

As the rays grew loud and the birds simmer,

Even Mother Nature was once a beginner...

As we pay our respects to a new found bright,

A beautiful day is always within might,

Until the heavens wash us away,

This is just another beautiful perfect day...

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