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Push a man to the edge to watch him struggle or lead a man to the edge but look him in the eyes as the cascading descent takes him over into the darkness. Let him fall, he won’t feel a thing. Gravity will do all the work, all you’ve got to do is be in the right place at the right time.

He will feel the wind wisp passed his ears. Only hearing the faint whispers as the sinking decent builds. With this distance he feels free as the fall, beginning to end. He knows at that point his destination is no longer a choice. The implication of faith is only in that there will be a destination at the bottom. This man is now free. There is nothing holding him, nothing slowing him, nothing in his way. From the peak the ground is not visible. This is why he does not open his eyes to watch the ground approach. To relish in abandonment with perpetual charming smirk.

Is it worth the time for this man to panic at the surface of his fate? Why should he bother? Surely whatever is going to happen is going to happen. This man has limited choices, dwindling by the second, time is against him. Then again, time is against us all. The thing doesn’t exist to anyone, yet remains relative to circumstance. The fall exists, the landing is theoretical, and the present is in development. Someone has to ask the question, “What’s next?” The trick is to understand when there is no answer.

Everything wants nothing to do with you whether you accept it or not.Tumbling from the mountain tops is how we will be let down. Engulfed in the rivers of our own flooding nature we drown. Trapped in the deepest of valleys, there is no rising above. In this world we toy with the idea of survival but there is none. One thing or another is bound to kill ya, if it’s not what exists that gets you surely time will take a swing.

A Journey with no map is nothing more than skillfully losing yourself at the right destination. That’s kind of all it feels like sometimes; right place, right time. Any more effort would be trying to pull on a parachute that doesn’t exist delaying the inevitability of hitting the ground. Trying to slow what’s to come and prepare ourselves, that is the dream.

As I have said before time doesn’t really exist, we simply use it to measure. To people like me there is no gray in that. We do not blame the ruler for not being the correct length. We take the responsibility to ourselves in knowing it’s not the beginning or end that's important in this measurement. Only what we do with the time in between we are given. People like us, we are resilient. With each fall, we bounce back. Hurt from person to place, we love again. It will take a little of what does not exist to bring us to, however love is in our veins. Until then, the breeze keeps us cool as our arms extend like wings as we fall. Watch me fly.

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