May 15, 2018

A moment as special as make-believe,

And a place as playful as pretend,

Like all along we had always known,

Our beginning,


And End...

The tale starts not far from where you see,

A Fairytale wedding for just her and me. 

Standing there,

Such an unbelievable sight,

The way...

October 25, 2017

Like it was nothing less than the perfect dream,

Laughing away at the breeze.

Warmth and worriless, 

Whispered in the wind...

A cold still held her breath in the bewildering shine, 

Shadows fading,

Soaking her face in a bathing light,

Across a seemingly empty meadow arose the...

May 31, 2017

Its hard looking directly into her eyes without seeing everything in her world,

Dipping shut only to savor a glimpse of appreciation. 

She's not ungrateful,

She knows what she wants.

To wake up far far away from this life and into the one she'd always dreamed,

Awaken within...

February 1, 2017

Write to be read,

Right to be wrong.

Left to be unseen,

A tragedy unfolds. 

     There is a weight on my mind of rocks my shoulders refuse to carry. The condensed versions of every story ever written and learned, only to be ignored. Each finale a fairytale of heartbreak wi...

December 8, 2016

     Nothing shallow about these icy blues that the light tickles just so. Such clear waters mask their true depth. A sharp exuberance gleams without warning. Face to face something so puzzling and almost frightening enough play to it safe. However, almo...

September 17, 2016

To whom I may love,

     There is something specific about a trance like you. Each word falling from your mouth like gold from a queen to the poor. It’s not what the gold is worth that makes it so precious, but that I am blessed with it. A certain value unmatched by any...

July 26, 2016

     To live the life of a dog but for a day; that is the dream. To live life bereft of sophistication. To live life loved by strangers so much, for so little. In a world lack of a need to pre-acknowledge.Separating things like us from the savage beasts and in some per...

July 2, 2016

Even though it seems dark,

There is always somewhere bright.

Because at the end of every tunnel,

Shines a shimmering light.

We will stumble and fall,

We must progress without sight.

With each scrape and each bruise,

We may tremble with fright.

But fail we cannot,

Together will...

June 29, 2016

     Push a man to the edge to watch him struggle or lead a man to the edge but look him in the eyes as the cascading descent takes him over into the darkness. Let him fall, he won’t feel a thing. Gravity will do all the work, all you’ve got to do is be in the right pl...

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