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Looking for a place to drown...

Nothing shallow about these icy blues that the light tickles just so. Such clear waters mask their true depth. A sharp exuberance gleams without warning. Face to face something so puzzling and almost frightening enough play to it safe. However, almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. To dive right in, fists full of ambitious passion without hesitation. “Where they lead?”, is the question. ”What lies beneath?”, strikes the curiosity. “How cold is the water?”, without batting an eyelash; blink twice if you like me, blink once if you might miss me, I like to swim.

Float on the surface and enjoy the view because the calm surrounds. Engulfing the pain as if it were felt and never really mattered anyway. Truth of the matter is that pain is meant to be felt to let go. The sort of life like a stubbed toe. Murphy's law of the land. Sorrow fades without a scar. Welcome the tears of relief that we feel something at all. Sinking ever so happily as the surface fades from sight. Blur into focus everything at once. A comforting sting to null the adrenaline.

Too much time wandering the land makes the knees ache. Each step towards a better exploration of a greater meaning, earned with an indestructible smile. The calming relief to be dreamt of between shelter for the night. As basic as it seems, the fire will warm the bones, but a beautiful thought burns in the mind. Like a projector stuck on repeat of the best things you’ll ever watch. Like the softest sweaters wrapping around ever so tight. Like the warmest hug you'll ever embrace. Explode at the lungs gasping with laughter. Though the ticks of the clock count few, worth every moment simply for an unforgettable time and an unimaginable view.

The nights grow colder and the days seem shorter. There is somber feeling upon the darkness. A brave still or a foolish venture is always up for debate when there is something to lose. Weighed down by transgression built of moot. Apathy is a comforting thing to a lonely soul. "Love is all you need...", said the fool. " I can't hear you.", said the stubborn heart.

“What lies within it?”, seems unknown. “How far it goes?”, begs the impossible. “Are you on the other side?”, without skipping a beat. Paralytic insecurity shadows with distance. The light cannot always shine for our eyes would burn. An aggressive obscurity of stars flicker through the battlegrounds of inner doubt. Hold my hand, so we don’t need a lantern.

Some things are more important than being afraid of the dark. Places only seen with numb feet, smiles only witnessed from afar, or a happiness found in despair. Clench me tight when I am near, say all the things you could ever hope to hear. Press your forehead to mine so that I may feel your thoughts. Resonate beside without a sound as the harsh evening takes grip. Until our paths cross again and I collapse in your grasp along a brisk deep pool. To drown in your gaze is what I am looking to do.

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