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What she wants...

Its hard looking directly into her eyes without seeing everything in her world,

Dipping shut only to savor a glimpse of appreciation.

She's not ungrateful,

She knows what she wants.

To wake up far far away from this life and into the one she'd always dreamed,

Awaken within a fantasy where it all seems perfect,

Atop a blissful gaze beyond the furthest distance on the highest peak,

A curiosity looms as her world begins to disentangle,

In a sudden swoop a present beauty engulfs her entirely,

This world was much different than what she has ever seen,

Standing right before her beyond anything she could ever dream.

Unlike anything she's ever truly known,

What she truly wanted all along.

To dance,

To frolic,

To Wander,

To play,

Amidst the the crowd of butterflies,

Encompassed by passion,

Euphorically possessed in a single moment.

Closing her eyes as she inhales a familiar damp taste in the air,

Atop the clouds with the world at her back she's never felt more close to it

Each step squishing between her toes as she dances in the heavens,

While the light breeze carries a whistling tranquil tune.

The sun brightens,

She can feel the light warming her face,

Falling through the sky the melting glow takes over,

Upon opening hers eyes siting quietly beside a field,

Staring into the distance as a stallion romps about.

Until her eyes grow heavy in such a warm sight,

To dim her luster upon a beautiful dream,

Fluttering shut the warmth begins to take over her soul.

Her lungs fill with salty breath as the sand warms her buried feet.

In the distance just beyond the sun,

Between her and the sky,

Alas she can finally feel,


Keeping her weak,

Holding her back,

Stealing her peace,


In Her eyes,

What she wants,

is to be free...

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