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To Whom I May Love...

To whom I may love,

There is something specific about a trance like you. Each word falling from your mouth like gold from a queen to the poor. It’s not what the gold is worth that makes it so precious, but that I am blessed with it. A certain value unmatched by any coin in my palm.

Nothing in this life is more beautiful than what we will ever share. Passages of a fairytale once believed to exist in multitudes of enchanted realms we find in each other. Truly find each other, each chapter leading to new characters and old, though right now in our story we are not each others lead characters, the spark of greatness blinds us to something brighter than the darkest day we ever may face.

A quest unaccompanied. A slew of years all gathered up into some form of understanding. Each storyline becoming more tangled and impossible to brush this mess of foggy weeks and undecided months harder and harder to decrypt. To many it’s all about focus, to others it’s all about love, for us it is about understanding. Fathoming that whoever you are the day we meet is the person I will forever cherish.

For all we know our chapters may spread vast or sentences cut short. Your presence does not dictate the love I feel for you. There may come a day when our fate is changed to which either way we will not know.

This is not a time for sad songs and evenings of lonesome sorrow. In a land constantly moving all around there is always a place to go. There is no room for being lost in a life filled with; places to go, places to be, places to show, ANYWHERE to see. These are the days we must write in our own journals so that we may spend endless evening curled up by the fire telling each other about, “that one time when…” Our perpetual timeline we paint in our own eyes for one tell you I love you. Three little words I want you so desperately to know.

To paint you a cathedral of words into bare walls at which we forge ourselves. To explain our involvement with the life around us. To justify our contempt for broken hearts and empty dreams. Each day a new lesson as to why we are here now. Every new opportunity for to be better for when we meet.

The roads you must walk without me now will tire your feet beyond any line you’ve ever had to stand and wait. All the more for me to rub. Through this world you will bend and ache being pushed further than any edge thee eye can see. All the more for me to hold. From time to time nothing and everything will make sense all at once. All the better for me to right there with you. Some days the path will seem narrow dark and dim with no one to hold your lantern. No one trustworthy enough to be your guiding light. But your light is bright my love. No room for doubt on this avenue of the next one always being like the last until one day he’s not. Until one day we sit face to face and the lens will focus. Our breathing will slow, your eyes will shudder, my heart will skip. You will tighten your toes and without moving we gravitate.

Kiss me.

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